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Bitdle is a Hybrid Social Digital Assistance Platform. It serves users to interact and transact with one another and to express their needs, wants, values and many more...

Our Services

It will be a place to navigate every aspects of user's personal and business life through online and offline solutions vary from social networking to local search, intelligent solutions and smart devices.

IoE and Hybrid Virtual Platform

Growing social signals, Promote branding and awareness, Lead generation, Share multimedia content, Relationship building, Search nearest things, Schedule appointments, Shop goods or service, Attend events.

Socio-Local Search

Find, review and share information about brands, products and services as well as local businesses, travel destinations and just about anything else. Reach target audience at their exact geographic location via social-local search engine and geo target advertising platform.

Social Shopping

People can use Bitdle to spot trends, follow brands, share great finds and make purchases. Businesses can building brand awareness, increasing business engagements, selling products and services...

Sharing economy

Advertising, finding, sharing, buying, selling and trading products and services between peers and access to customers in new geographies, online marketplaces and cross boarder technology solutions that can handle customs, duties, taxes and payments.

Integrated Ads Systems

Placing ads based on user's previous buying history or on behaviour. It can run highly targeted custom campaigns based on geo targeting and keyword or condition by video, text and display forms.

Applications and Devices

It can help people in various ways such as empowering, balancing, maximising, communicating, collaborating, exposing, educating, engaging, monitoring and entertaining by various applications and devices.

Empowering Life and Helping Build a Better Future World

Our vision is to become a leading global entity where people can empower themselves and socialize through virtual connections and collaborative efforts which also offer an opportunity for accessing global knowledge, shaping the future and grow with changes.

We commit to ensuring the promotion of an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable future for our planet and for present and future generations.

We would like to generate revenue to build better solutions for a better world, in which, that can map and empower each and every aspects of life.

Realizing Our Future Vision for the world

Our mission is to shape the future of world and to protect humanity by empowering people through connection, organized global knowledge and collaborative effort.

Our strategic goal is to empowering life through our business activities and to help solve a host of social issues.

Our mission is not only a business task for us, but it's a dream that we have dared to share and we appeal every supporting line agency and stack holders to work together to success this mission for protecting humanity, our ultimate aim.